Sky View Elementary School grounds are supervised by adults thirty minutes prior
    to the start of school. NO STUDENTS ARE TO ARRIVE ON CAMPUS PRIOR TO
    7:30 A.M. as the school will not be responsible for anything that may occur outside
    of the supervised times. Breakfast services begin at 7:30 A.M. and end promptly at
    7:55 A.M. Any student wanting breakfast service must report directly to the
    cafeteria upon arrival. Any student that goes directly to the playground prior to
    breakfast will call their parent/guardian for failing to comply with school policies.





    Students must leave the school grounds at dismissal. All students exit through
    designated gates. Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten students exit through
    gate #1 and #2 at dismissal. First and Second grade students will be dismissed
    through the gates near the MPR and picked up in the MPR loop. Third through sixth grade students will be dismissed
    through the gates near the office and picked up in the office loop. Students who
    are waiting for pick-up beyond fifteen minutes after the dismissal bell will be
    directed to wait in the office. Parents picking students up after 2:30 P.M. will be
    required to come in to the front office and sign out their child.
    Please remember that our students’ safety is of the utmost importance to us.
    Students are not free to leave campus for any reason during school hours unless
    released to a person who has checked in through the office. Therefore, we have
    the following procedures in place when signing out students early.
    Parents/guardians will require a valid identification, issued by a governmental
    agency, in order to sign out any student. This includes parents/guardians who
    come to pick up sick students from the health office. Students WILL NOT be
    allowed to leave with anyone who is not listed on their emergency card. In
    addition, a student will not be allowed to leave with someone other than their
    parent listed on their emergency card, unless our school contacts that person in
    the case of an emergency. If a parent/guardian would like someone listed on the
    emergency card to pick up their child, they must either call the office or send
    our student with a note that is dated, includes the name of the per
    son listed on the emergency card, and contains the parent/guardian signature.

    Custody: A parent may only be forbidden to see or take a child by a court
    decree. If you are in a situation where certain people are not allowed to see or
    take your child by a court decree, be sure to provide our office staff with a copy
    of the legal documents mandating this ruling.



    According to California Education Code Section 48200, all school age children
    must attend school every day and on time. Children cannot learn if they are not
    in school. Research shows there is a direction connection between attendance
    and academic progress. Student who attend school regularly have greater
    academic success in comparison to students with poor school attendance.

    Therefore, valuing your child’s attendance shows them that you also value his/her
    education. If your son or daughter is absent, it is important that you present an
    explanation verifying the reason for the absence to the school. Verification of
    absences must be made within 3 school days. If the absence verification is not
    made within 3 school days, the absence will be permanently marked as unexcused.
    You may verify an absence by calling the office between the hours of 7:00 – 3:30 or
    sending a written note with the following information:

    • Student name
    • Date of absence
    • Teacher name and/or room number
    • The specific reason for absence
    • Parent/Guardian signature

    Please call each day of the absence. If your child will be absent for an extended
    period of time, please notify the school in advance.

    The only reasons for an excused absence are illness, and doctor's/dentist's
    appointments for the student; all other situations will be considered unexcused
    absences. When a student has had 6 or more excused absences in the school year,
    any further absences for illness must be verified by a physician. Research shows
    that when a student misses one day of school it takes approximately three days to
    catch up, so we would encourage you to schedule all doctor's/dentist's
    appointments before/after school hours, and minimize absences, tardiness, and
    early pick-up.

    Please note: excused absences and tardies or early departures make a student
    ineligible for perfect attendance. (See Recognition & Awards for details on

    We ask that parents place special emphasis on their child’s regular and punctual
    attendance. Parents may help by doing the following:

    ✓ It is essential that we have current phone numbers on your child’s emergency
    form at school of where parents/guardians can be reached. Please notify the
    school of any changes throughout the school year.
    ✓ Call the school the morning your child is absent and explain the reason for the
    ✓ Remember that every minute of every day counts. Even attendance for part of
    the day is better than none.
    ✓ Support the school and your children by talking to them about the importance of
    good attendance.
    ✓ Do not take extended vacations with your child during the school year.
    ✓ Commend excellent attendance.