Positive student efforts and behaviors are recognized and appropriate incentives and awards are given. 


    • Excellent Eagles

    Students earn Excellent Eagles tickets for following our school expectations:  Respect all, Inspire others, Show kindness, and Engage in learning, (RISE).  These tickets are exchanged for prizes. 


    •  Excellent Eagle Class Certificate

    Classes will receive an Excellent Eagle Class award for following cafeteria and line expectations.  Classes who receive 10 certificates will be awarded a pizza party.


    •  Golden Eagle Award

    Every Friday one student will be chosen to receive a Golden Eagle Award.  This student is one who is respectful, responsible, and safe by continuously practicing our school expectations and social skills.  These students will be honored in their classrooms.


    •  Honor Roll

    Every trimester, each teacher will select students who is achieving academic success award. Student must have 4 and 5’s with no negative marks. These students will be honored at our TK-6 Trimester Awards assemblies.


    •  Student of the Month

    Every month one student will be chosen for demonstrating academic success, good behavior, and good citizenship.  He/She will be honored as Student of the Month at the TK-6 Trimester Awards assemblies. 


    •  Perfect Attendance

    Perfect Attendance awards will be awarded to any student with no absences on a trimester basis.  Students with no absences for the entire school year will also be honored with a certificate at the end of the school year.


    • President’s Education Awards Program

    Sky View Elementary School Participates in the President’s Education Awards Program which honors graduating elementary students for their achievement and hard work. The program provides individual recognition from the President and the U.S. Secretary of Education to those students whose outstanding efforts have enabled them to meet challenging standards of excellence. More information can be found at https://www2.ed.gov/programs/presedaward/eligibility.html


    Gold Presidential Award: The primary indicator of excellence is based on academic achievement and is usually given to students in grade 6 who have top academic and citizenship status. Recommendations from their teacher and another staff member are required. Also considered as part of the criteria are activities in which a student demonstrates high motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual depth, outstanding attendance, leadership qualities and/or exceptional judgment.