Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Emery

How many years have you been working in Education?  

* 17 Years


What's your favorite part about working with Preschool students/families?  

* I love it! There are hundreds of reasons why I think helping children and their families is the best job in the world. The children bring joy and curiosity into the classroom everyday. I'm passionate         about the importance of play, and get to spend my days watching the students grow, play and learn!


Tell us about your family, pets, etc. Any other personal information you'd like to share?

* I am a wife, a mom, a hiker, a reader, an avid sports fan #GOBLUE and a lover of the outdoors. I enjoy spending my free time traveling and exploring new places with my family and friends. My           favorite quote is, "Collect moments not things."


Favorite Color?

* My favorite color is Sunset.


Favorite sport to watch?       

* My favorite sport to watch is Football. 


When I retire, I would like to ___?

* When I retire I'd like to travel.