Letter to Parents Regarding Social Media/ Carta a padres sobre Los medios sociales en el internet

  • Dear Enchanted Hills Elementary Families,


    Social media have become popular in the lives of students across the nation. As you may be aware, there are currently a number of websites and applications available to post publicly and anonymously to social media. Enchanted Hills staff has recently seen a rise in students using these sites to post in a way that is not respectful and does not follow our school expectations.


    While students may think their posts are completely anonymous, with Wi-Fi use and cell towers, posts can be traced back to the phone and/or computer that posted the comment. It is important for students and parents to know that all posts on any social media platform never disappear and are never fully anonymous. This includes personal information, photos, and any form of threat.


    When students post any type of message that is considered inappropriate (harassment, bullying, etc.) there will be consequences. Threats are not jokes. Parents and students should be aware that most social media websites and apps require that kids be 13 to sign up.

    For the safety of all our students, we encourage discussions of safe social media and Internet practice in our schools and in your homes. Together, we can continue to keep our students safe and protected in our community.