• Our parents are welcomed in the classroom at any time. We would also love to have you as a volunteer! If you are unable to volunteer in the classroom, consider assisting the teacher from your home, such as cutting out materials, or providing materials for the classroom, such as egg cartons, cotton balls, etc.  Should you desire to volunteer more than five times per year in the classroom, a volunteer policy must be signed and a TB test cleared within the past four years.

    Do you have a special talent, such as singing, drawing, etc? Please let your teacher know, as we value your talents.

    Parents are to meet with the teacher at least three times per year, at Parent Orientation, and a parent conference in the fall and spring. We have parent meetings the first 15 minutes of class every three months to update you on curriculum and events.  We also need parents to serve on the Parent Group, and the Parent Advisory committee. Additionally, workshops are provided monthly with topics of interest to parents of preschool children.