• Dear Esteemed Students, Staff, Parents, and Community Members,


    As the summer days begin to fade, and autumn begins to grace our surroundings, it is with immense joy and a heart full of anticipation that I extend a warm and wholehearted welcome back to our 2023-24 school year to each and every one of you. Our shared journey through education is a tapestry woven with dreams, aspirations, and an unwavering belief in the limitlessness of all our students. 


    To our brilliant students, you are the heart and soul of our district. Your energy, curiosity, and unique perspectives infuse our classrooms with an atmosphere of endless possibilities. As you step through those school doors, remember that you are embarking on a voyage of discovery that will shape your future. Each day is a chance to learn, grow, and become the architects of your own success stories.


    To our exceptional teachers and amazing support staff, your commitment to our students' growth goes beyond the classroom. Your caring, curated approach sets the foundation for a transformative educational experience for each and every student. You are the guiding stars, igniting a passion for learning and instilling values that will serve as beacons of motivation throughout their lives. Your dedication to our students, to our families, and to each other, is foundational to our collective success.


    To our inspirational principals and assistant principals, your unwavering commitment to inclusivity, belonging, and safety for all is paramount to our school district. Your vision creates an environment where every student and staff member is seen, heard, and valued. Your tireless efforts empower us to foster an atmosphere of respect, empathy, and understanding, ensuring that our schools remain places of positivity and growth for all.


    To our cherished parents and community members, your partnership and collaboration are invaluable. You stand as pillars of support for our young learners, reinforcing the bridge between home and school. Your engagement enriches our educational journey, creating experiences that resonate far beyond the classroom walls. Together, we nurture an environment that thrives on shared values and key aspirations.


    To our incredibly dedicated and responsive district office staff members, your foresight, your knowledge, your relationships, your connections, and your understanding of each school’s context and school community needs are critical to building and strengthening the bridges between our schools and our district support systems for all our children, families and school staff.  


    As we embark on this new academic year, let us seize each moment as an opportunity to inspire, create, and grow together. Let us continue to be champions for our students, providing them with the access and opportunities they need to navigate an ever-changing world with resilience, empathy, and self-determination.


    In the spirit of unity and collective purpose, let us build upon our foundation of excellence and work together as one community where dreams are realized for every child and limitless possibilities are unleashed. Together, we shall celebrate achievements, navigate challenges, and cultivate a learning environment where every voice contributes to a symphony of growth and greatness across everyone in our schools. 


    Once again, welcome back to a year filled with promise, learning, and boundless opportunities; where our journey together will help shape the lives of our young people and our schools will lift each student’s brilliance everyday by creating the optimal conditions of belonging for all. 


    With heartfelt gratitude and endless excitement,


    Bruce Bivins



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    Bruce Bivins