About Railway STEM

School Information

  • Railway School of Math, Science, and Technology is a transitional kindergarten to sixth grade elementary STEM magnet school located toward the south end of A Street near the Rob Reiner Children’s Center and the Orange Empire Railway Museum. Railway was built in 2005-2006 and opened for its first year in August of 2006.

    Raiwlay proudly welcomes 880 students with a diverse student body. Its ethnic composition is 86% Hispanic, 7% Afro-American, 6% Anglo, and 1% other. 57% are classified as English Learners.

     Railway STEM Magnet has earned two Models of Academic Excellence recognitions by the Riverside County Office of Education.

Railway School of Math, Science and Technology Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission:

    To empower students, families, and the community to go above and beyond through math, science, and technology so that they will succeed in an information-based technologically advanced society.


    Our Vision:

    • Be known in the community as a school where all students want to be
    • Mastery and constant use of technology
    • Introduction and integration of all sciences with depth and complexity
    • Rigor in all academic areas throughout all grade levels
    • Students think like scientists and/or mathematicians
    • Physical evidence of students learning science and math
    • Professional Learning Communities sharing ideas and strategies
    • Training and involvement of families to share in child's education