• Health Screenings


    Education Code 49452 requires health screenings for all Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 5th Grade and 8th Grade students. At Perris Elementary School District, the District Nurses screen the students' hearing, near vision, distance vision, and dental health. Health screenings are completed free of cost during the school day. Each child is seen by the nurse one at a time and is assessed for possible hearing deficits, visual deficits, or dental decay. If a student is found to have a health concern, a referral letter is sent home to the child's parents with recommendations for follow up. 






    Frequently Asked Questions


    When are screenings at my child's school?

    The school nurses begin screenings in September and conclude by December. 


    Who is screened?

    Every kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 5th grade, and 8th Grade Student. 


    How do the nurses screen the students? Does it hurt?

    The process for screenings takes about 3 minutes per student. First, the student's vision is screened, using a SPOT vision screener. This screening tool looks and functions like a camera. The student sits in a chair and looks at a camera for about 1-5 seconds. Next, the student's hearing is screened using an audiometer. Headphones are placed on the student's ears. A series of low sounds are emitted through an audiometer and the student is instructed to respond to the sound by raising his or her hand. Last, the student's mouth is screened for dental decay. The nurse uses a penlight/flashlight and visually inspects the student's mouth for signs of dental decay. The entire process is completely painless.


    Can I opt-out of screening?

    Per Ed. Code, a parent may opt-out of screening by providing the child's school with documentation of a recent vision and/or audiological exam by a licensed physician. 


    I received a referral letter from my child's school saying that she needs glasses, what do I do?

    If your child is found to have possible visual problems, meaning that they failed the vision test, then it is recommended that your child receive a complete eye exam from an optometrist. If you do not have insurance, or you need assistance, please call your child's school health office for information on low cost vision programs. 


    What do I do if my family does not have health insurance or vision coverage?

    Call you child's school health office if you do not have insurance for vision coverage and speak with one of our friendly health aids. PESD has several programs to help families get the care they need! For more information on the programs we offer, visit our resources page at: http://https://www.perris.k12.ca.us/Page/750