• Health Services Overview

    Healthy Students Learn Better, School Nurses Make it Happen!



    Perris Elementary School District has 2 credentialed school nurses who oversee mulitple school sites. Health aides at each school provide first aid and nursing assistance among their other duties. The school nurses oversee the health aides and the health offices, assist with specialized health procedures, provide hearing and vision screenings, create and implement individualized school health care plans, are on-call for emergencies, consult with teachers and parents, obtain health infomormation for special education assessments, attend IEP meetings, train school personnel on health procedures, and teach various health lessons in the classroom such as 5th Grade Family life and Kindergarten Dental Health. The school nurses also conduct a TB screening clinic for employees and volunteers twice per year. 

    School Nurses

    Christine Ontiveros, RN, MEd, PHN     RW, CLW, GH, IHCS          christine.ontiveros@perrisesd.org

    Kara Couto, RN, BSN, PHN                    EH, PE, SV, PLM, RR         kara.couto@perrisesd.org








  • Contact List by School Site 

    Clearwater Elementary School (951) 423- 2016, Ext 5010


    Health Aid: Cindy Palmerin              

    School Nurse: Christy Ontiveros, RN


    Enchanted Hills Elementary School (951)443-4790, Ext 4539 


    Health Aid: Robert Alvarez              

    School Nurse: Kara Couto, RN



    Good Hope Elementary School (951) 657-5781, Ext 2050


    Health Aid: Luz Ramirez              

    School Nurse: Christy Ontiveros, RN



    Innovative Horizons Charter School (951) 657-0728, Ext 1183 


    Health Aid: Vacant                      

    School Nurse: Christy Ontiveros, RN



    Palms Elementary School (951) 940-5112, Ext 7610 


    Health Aid: Griselda Ramirez                

    School Nurse: Kara Couto, RN



    Perris Elementary School (951) 657-2124, Ext 6066 


    Health Aid: Moraima Madrigal                  

    School Nurse: Kara Couto, RN



    Railway Elementary School (951) 943-3259, Ext 8306 


    Health Aid: Rene Quiroz                            

    School Nurse: Christy Ontiveros, RN



    Rob Reiner Preschool (951) 657-1441, Ext 3018 


    Health Aid: Maribel Mosqueda            

    School Nurse: Kara Couto, RN



    Sky View Elementary School (951) 657-4214, 9306 


    Health Aid: Georgina Alvarez            

    School Nurse: Kara Couto, RN


    Emergency Cards

    In order to properly care for your student and notify parents when a student is ill or injured, California Education Code 49408 requires that all parents submit an emergency card with their home phone, work phone, and emergency contacts. If your student is injured or ill, and we do not have an updated emergency card, we may have to call 911 for treatment at the parent's expense. Please include at least two or three local numbers of people who could care for your student if you are not available.  Please also note any medical condition or medication that your child takes so that we can provide appropriate care and share this information with emergency personnel, if necessary.