• Francine M. Story

    Chief Business Official (CBO)



    Lanea May

    Confidential Business Secretary

  • The mission of the Business Services Division is to provide a firm foundation of support for the students, teachers, school administrators, and educational programs to learn, teach and operate. This support includes:

    • Providing  safe, clean, and appropriate facilities
    • Provide payroll services for all district employees
    • Acquiring supplies, equipment, and instructional materials to support school operations
    • Maintaining grounds and playgrounds
    • Provide technology infrastructure, computers, and networks to support instruction and administrative needs
    • Plan for and construct new schools as needed and modernize older schools
    • Manage the district’s fiscal resources, budgets, and accounting records
    • Ensure the district’s cash flow is adequate to pay its obligations
    • Provide student transportation services as needed
    • Make available school lunches and breakfasts to all students
    • Promote energy conservation and awareness to become efficient stewards of public resources