• Attendance is an important factor in the success of your child in the Virtual and Blended Academy. Your child is required to attend Zoom each day with their teacher, have their camera on, and participate. Your child is also required to complete all online lessons and assessments that are on the schedule.


    Your child's attendance is calculated based on Zoom attendance and completing assessments in the online program. Each part will count towards 50% of their attendance days that are credited. If your child does less than 60% of their work or does not attend Zoom at least 60% of the time in a two-week span, you will receive the first Re-Engagement Letter and your child will be placed in the Tier 1 Re-engagement Plan. You will then be given ten school days for your child to complete at least 60% of their work. If this is not done, a second Re-Engagement Letter will be sent to you and a conference will be set up with the TOSA, teacher, and/or administrator. If after another ten days, your child still does not meet the 60% work requirement, he or she may be disenrolled from the Academy.


    We will work together as a team to make sure your child is supported!