• Parent Support 


    Understanding and navigating a child’s disability often requires a family to complete numerous sets of tasks, understand a great deal of information, and address challenges for which family members may have no experience – all of which can be difficult to manage. Knowing who to talk with first can be extremely helpful for family members. Perris Elementary School District seeks to partner with parents in order to achieve the best outcomes for children with disabilities. 


    Perris Elementary School District participates in the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), which is a committee made up of parents and other individuals with a personal or professional interest in ensuring that students with disabilities have access to appropriate services. The CAC mission of CAC is to create a network of parents, students, educators, and community members to promote equity and access for ALL children. CAC newsletters and additional related resources can be found in English and Spanish at: CAC parent resources.


    Additional resources are available via Riverside County's SELPA webpage: Guide for Parents and Guardians of Students with Disabilities or Guide for Parents and Guardians of Students with Disabilities (Spanish).